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Wallpaper Hanging In Exeter And Paignton

About Our Wallpaper  Hanging Services

We proudly provide professional wallpapering services, delivering high quality solutions for various properties across Exeter. 

With years of experience, our team is skilled at recommending the best wallpaper options that seamlessly blend with your unique interior design.

We offer expert advice on a range of wallpapers to complement different rooms. We handle each aspect of the project, right from the initial design stage through to the final finish. 

Trust Paint Perfect Exeter for professional wallpapering service throughout Exeter and Paignton.

Talented Professional Painters and Decorators

Why Choose Our Decorators

At Paint Perfect Exeter, our team of decorators are trained to provide high-quality wallpapering services for residential and commercial properties throughout Exeter and Paignton.

Over the years, we have steadily earned the trust of our customers. Our reputation is built on the bedrock of commitment to quality workmanship and punctual completion of all wallpapering projects, no matter how big or small.

Wallpapering and Painting Services

At Paint Perfect Exeter, we proudly offer a detailed range of painting and wallpaper services. No job is too big or small, whether you're looking to spruce up a single feature wall in your living room, or undertaking an ambitious full property redecoration. 

We bring our premium expertise to every project. Our range of services includes professional wallpaper hanging, painting, and interior decorating, among others. 

Wallpaper Hanging

At Paint Perfect Exeter, we hang wallpaper with precision and care, ensuring perfect pattern alignment every time.

We understand the importance of the tiniest details, making sure that the design flows seamlessly across your walls. Our team works diligently to ensure a flawless finish that will beautifully transform your space.

Interior Painting

Our skilled team provides exceptional quality painting for all kinds of interior spaces. We cater to a wide range of needs, from homes to businesses.

Using the finest materials, we strive for perfection, ensuring each job meets our customer's satisfaction. Your dream space is just a paint job away!

Decorating Advice

We pride ourselves on offering professional advice to our customers. With an extensive range of high-quality products and expert knowledge, we ensure that your home or office space exudes style and sophistication.

Our team is always ready to guide you through the selection process, giving you the confidence to make the best choices. 

Custom Wall Coverings

At Paint Perfect Exeter, we specialise in helping hang bespoke wall coverings, that have been tailored to match your unique design preferences.

We ensure the highest quality and offer endless possibilities for personalisation, providing you with wall coverings that meet your aesthetic requirements and add value to your space. 

Thematic Decor

Our team can design and create rooms that precisely mirror your chosen theme. With us, each detail is meticulously considered to ensure a result you'll be sure to love!.

From selecting suitable colours to choosing appropriate textures, we ensure everything harmoniously aligns with your vision. To discuss your next decorating project, please contact us.


At Paint Perfect Exeter, we offer complete redecorating services. From the initial planning phase right through to applying the final coat of paint, our team manages every tiny detail to deliver exceptional results.

We believe in transforming your space into a vibrant, fresh environment that not only appeals to your eyes but also captures your unique taste and style.

Incredible workmanship you won’t find anywhere else

Wallpapering Decorators

At Paint Perfect Exeter, our skilled artisans and years of industry experience enable us to effortlessly rejuvenate your property's appearance. 

We can guide you in choosing wallpapers that complement your interior design and ensure they are hung with precision.

Our quality service is aimed at creating vibrant, inviting spaces that truly feel like home. Trust us to cover all your wallpapering needs, and to deliver a superior finish every time. For more information, please contact us.

Thematic Wall Coverings Exeter And Paignton

Thematic Wall  Coverings

If you're looking to establish a specific theme in your room, our Exeter-based specialists can provide advice and installation services for a range of thematic wall coverings. 

No matter what your vision is, our team can help bring it to life in your home or commercial space. 

From a soft and charming floral theme that creates a cosy ambience in your home to a sleek, modern design that heightens the look of your property, our services are tailored to suit your needs.

So, why compromise on your vision? We take into consideration your tastes, style and property to deliver wall coverings that embody your desired theme. Contact us today to discuss your ideas and allow us to create a beautiful and unique space for you.

Specialist Wallpaper Hanging Service

With a complete understanding of the intricacies involved in wallpaper hanging, Paint Perfect Exeter deliver a high-standard service that is not just effective but also responsive to the unique requirements of our clients. We recognise that every detail, no matter how small, plays a significant role in the final look and feel of the space.

Hence, we strive for excellence and precision in every wallpapering project we undertake. After all, our goal is always to provide finishes that are nothing short of exquisite.

Our team is always at hand to offer detailed, clear advice so that you completely understand how we operate. Our goal is to transform your rooms into spaces that match your vision. Reach out to us today and discover first-hand how our experienced professionals can beautifully apply wallpaper and infuse new life into your interiors with our excellent services.

Contact us today on 01392 243343 for trusted wallpaper hanging in Exeter and Paignton. We are your first choice for wallpaper decorators.

Residential Painting and Decorating Exeter And Paignton

Residential Painting and Decorating

Suppose you’re on the lookout for a trustworthy company that you can rely on to provide painting and decorating. In that case, why not consider us? Our team work diligently throughout many homes in Exeter and Paignton to provide beautiful painting and decorating jobs you can be proud of.

Commercial Painting and Decorating Exeter And Paignton

Commercial Painting and Decorating

No matter the sector you work in, occasionally you may find your building or workspace in need of sprucing up. Whether your entire office needs a fresh lick of paint, or you require general maintenance at your restaurant, our skilled professionals have the tools and equipment to help.

Building and Property Maintenance Exeter And Paignton

Building and Property Maintenance

Maintenance throughout any home or business property is essential. It helps you and those living or working with you remain safe, and keeps everything running smoothly. At Paint Perfect Exeter, we perform general property maintenance in Exeter and Paignton, so if you need aspects of your building repaired or replaced, give us a call.